3 Crucial Things You Must Know For Startup Founders

Welcome to the official Magnaar website. Since there was a bekraf (Creative Economy Agency) which was formed by President Joko Widodo through Presidential Regulation No. 6 of 2015, more and more new startups have emerged, of course, which have sufficient potential to develop in Indonesia. What happens if you want to move forward but your steps are broken by the legality of the law in force in this republic ?. You need to be vigilant and careful as a startup owner, you must know the things below before your startup is getting ahead.

At this time, the admin wants to share 3 crucial things that must be known for startup founders. What are the 3 things ?. Listen to the end of the discussion on this page. OK to:

  • Business legality

After there is a bright spot from your business or your business starts to grow, our advice is that you immediately take care of the legality of your business. There are several benefits that you can get after taking care of the legality of your business.
a. The credibility of your business will increase
b. Easier access to capital
c. Personal assets are protected
d. Your business gets legal protection

  • Intellectual property rights

Why do you have to take care of the intellectual property rights of your business ?. The reason is that the work you produce can be protected. In order not to be duplicated by irresponsible people. So that the continuity of your business can be more guaranteed.

  • Employment

The issue of employment is quite important in running our business. As a startup owner, of course you cannot work alone to create products / works, become a marketing team, become a product dealer with consumers, become a finance admin, etc. Therefore, a business needs people who are competent in every part.

And you as a business owner also need to know about article 4 of Law Number 7 of 1981 concerning the Obligation to Report Employment, paragraph 1, explaining that:
“Entrepreneurs or managers are obliged to report in writing every time they establish, stop, re-run, move or dissolve the company to the Minister or the appointed official.”

There are 3 reasons why companies need to immediately take care of compulsory labor reports:

    1. There is a criminal sanction
    2. Indicators for your company in carrying out employee welfare programs
    3. Mandatory Requirements If the Company Wants to Use Foreign Workers

The basic of a startup founder, if outside the law department, will find it difficult to understand this. Through this Magnaar website as an educational website and also as a place for great Indonesian lawyers who are fluent in the field of law firms.

The problems mentioned above are daily food for the Magnaar team. We have completed various corporate legal proceedings. If you have difficulty dealing with the problems mentioned above, you can delegate it to the Magnaar team to solve such as the legality of your business, employment, and also intellectual property rights. So that one day you will not be harmed by the violations that you have made before you take care of the things mentioned above.

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