Best Corporate Law Firm in Indonesia

Best Corporate Law Firm in Indonesia

Welcome to Magnaar law firm services firm. Magnaar Company is the best corporate law firm in Indonesia. How not? Magnaar has resolved various legal cases in the jurisdiction of Indonesia. Both from small, medium scale companies to national scale companies.

Magnaar law firm also provides various services to take care of the legality of the company to the provision of land for your company. So do not be surprised if Magnaar gets the title of best corporate law firm in Indonesia by people who use the services of Magnaar law firm or by our clients.

Let us be part of your big family in your company. We are experienced in matters within the company. There are a thousand ways that we have applied. And we have a reliable team of lawyers to assist your corporation.

the Best Lawyer in Indonesia

Magnaar has the best lawyer in Indonesia. We recruit from well-known universities in Indonesia and also from excellent and professional individuals. So that it becomes a strong support to make us move forward. If you still have doubts about us, please feel free to contact Magnaar’s great attorney to make an appointment with you. We will soon make time for all our clients. We always try to be the best for every action we take for the cases faced by our clients.

Businesses have increased considerably in the current pandemic era, which has prioritized the use of information technology in the company. Either as a medium of information, marketing or systems within the company. The system is made based on applicable law. So that in the future you will no longer get lost on the wrong path

International Law Firm Indonesia

Recently, it is quite interesting for young people to do e-commerce business. E-commerce is a digital market that displays a website with a number of merchandise categories it has. By having a number of traders in it. Marketplace now has a wider reach. You need to take care of business legality and need a great lawyer to secure your business assets.

You need an international law firm Indonesia. You can contact Magnaar law firm as a legal assistant in your company. You need to remember that trading through an electronic system or better known as e-commerce is a trading activity whose transactions are carried out through a series of electronic devices and procedures. In contrast to the marketplace which is an e-commerce model that functions as an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Government Regulation No. 80/2019 and Minister of Trade Regulation No. 50/2020 further regulates the technical requirements and requirements in e-commerce business.

E-commerce is experiencing rapid development and has succeeded in becoming one of the most effective forms of conducting business today.

Even though it takes place online, business people must still care about the applicable legal aspects.