Boutique Law Firm Jakarta

Boutique Law Firm Jakarta

Welcome back to the official Magnaar Law Firm website. In this discussion, the admin wants to share interesting information about a boutique law firm in Jakarta. Now for those of you who are currently looking to explore or are focusing on setting up a boutique business, you can read to the end of this article before you make the wrong move. You will later realize that you need the services of a corporate law firm Jakarta

Boutique law firm Jakarta. Preparing to build a business is not an easy thing. All must be prepared carefully and earnestly. This is not only when you want to build a boutique business, but all businesses must be prepared in as much detail as possible. But if you want to build a boutique business, try to pay attention to these things when you want to build a boutique business.

Preparation to Build a Boutique Business

1. Location

The most important thing in preparation for building a business is location. You must have the right and strategic location, so that consumers or potential customers can easily find the location of the boutique. All business people will definitely determine the location to build the business. You can use a location on the side of a major road, next to a campus, or even in a shopping center. But before determining the location, you must also know the target market to be penetrated. For example, you open a boutique with a dress rental. A suitable location is around campus, because the campus always holds graduations and students need the right dress for the event. Don’t forget to also provide makeup services in addition. The more complete the facilities provided, the more consumers will feel helped.

2. Various kinds of dresses provided

Before you build a boutique business, it’s a good idea to do the following business building preparations. Display some statues using your boutique dress. Besides statues, you can also provide a variety of materials that can help consumers when they want to choose the materials, colors, and motifs to be used. The choice of various materials and fabrics will be more pleasing to consumers, because they can choose at will regarding materials and so on. You can also prepare a ready-made dress. It will also add value to your boutique. The reason is, not everyone wants clothes or dresses that are pre ordered when they are in need. Usually this is experienced by students when they want to graduate who don’t have much time to order it.

3. Designer

If you are ready to build a boutique business, don’t forget to provide consulting services such as a designer. Not all boutiques have consulting services like designers. This will be a great opportunity for you when you want to build a boutique business. Designers in the boutique business are indispensable, especially those who will become brides. Sometimes you want to have a dress with a unique and special design. This is the real designer’s job in a boutique business.

4. Brochures and Flyers

In building a business, all you have to do is promote it. There are many ways to promote a business, starting from in person or online. If you want to promote directly, what you have to prepare is to make brochures and flyers. Both of these promotional media are very effective, even though there are online marketing media. But manual marketing is no less good. You can use one or both.

5. Packaging or Packaging

You also have to prepare packaging or packaging, when consumers buy a dress at the boutique. Try using packaging such as a hardbox as a container for storing the consumer’s dress. Then you can also use paper bags or spunbond bags to make it easier for consumers to carry their ordered goods.

6. Thank You Card

Don’t forget to make a thank you card too. This is to reward consumers who have shopped at your boutique. Make a thank you card design that matches the packaging. In addition to the design, you also have to pay attention to the size of the thank you card. You can make it small or even like a wide greeting card. You can write various sentences on the thank you card so that consumers feel served wholeheartedly.

7. Name card

In any business, business cards have become the most important part to do. You can even insert a business card inside the product packaging. So consumers will remember where they ordered the dress, and allow them to re-order. That way you will be able to do promotions directly.

Before starting a business, of course, you start taking care of everything to legalize your business. What should be prepared?. The following are things that need to be taken care of before you start your business any further:

Some permissions you should take care of:

  1. Trading Business Permit (SIUP)
  2. Company Registration Certificate (TDP)
  3. Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  4. Business Place Permit (SITU)
  5. Certificate of Domicile
  6. Company Establishment Deed

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