Intellectual Property Law Firm Jakarta

Intellectual Property Law Firm Jakarta

Intellectual Property Law Firm Jakarta at Magnaar law firm. On this occasion the admin wants to discuss details about intellectual property rights or in Indonesia better known as HAKI. What exactly are intellectual property rights? Let’s discuss further and read this article to the end.

Intellectual Property Rights

So intellectual property rights are rights that arise from the results of thinking that produce a product or process that is useful for humans. In essence, intellectual property is the right to enjoy economically the results of an intellectual creativity.

If you are the owner of copyright / intellectual property rights and you are afraid that your work will be duplicated or lose your work, you should pay more attention to patenting your work.

If in a company you can check whether your company name has been used by another company or not. About the company logo and others, which of course will be a separate economic value for the sustainability of your business.

Definition of Copyright

  • Copyright is the exclusive right of the creator that arises automatically based on declarative principles after a work is realized in a tangible form without reducing restrictions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations.
  • Related Rights are rights related to Copyright which is an exclusive right for performers, phonogram producers, or broadcasting institutions.

Copyright Protection Period

  1. Copyright Protection : Lifetime of Creator + 70 Years.
  2. Computer Programs: 50 years Since it was first published.
  3. Performer: 50 years since it was first shown.
  4. Producer of Records : 50 years since the Creation was fixed.
  5. Broadcasting Institution: 20 years since it was first broadcast.

In Indonesia, this intellectual property rights registration service is regulated by the Directorate General of Intellectual Property of the Indonesian Ministry of Law & Human Rights with the official website address at What assets can be registered, you can check on the website. If your intellectual property rights have already been abused, it’s called a violation of the law against other people’s copyrights.

What if this happened to you? The first thing you can do is you can contact Jakarta law firm to get directions from the services of this Indonesian law firm. Next we will plan and execute how you can get the rights you deserve and those who abuse your work can get the punishment they deserve.

Please contact us via the contact that we have provided on the Contact Us page. Don’t forget to read in more detail about the Jakarta Intellectual Property Rights Law Firm in the previous article. So you can get a deeper understanding of these intellectual rights. And you can get what you deserve.