International Law Firm in Indonesia

Welcome to Magnaar. International law firm in Indonesia. Magnaar is a law firm service for companies that are growing or have been around for a long time. There are several jurisdictions that we handle. In this era of growing startups like today, startup founders need to know a lot about the law and legality of a company if they want the startup they manage to be even bigger.

Magnaar is here for people who need legal assistance for companies that are being managed. Magnaar law firm services are open to clients from Indonesia as well as outside Indonesia. We have several practice areas you should know about. These include the following:

Magnaar Law Firm Practice Area

  1. Capital Markets, Banking and Finance
    Magnaar can do various things that clients need related to legal legality for related companies. Our usual areas of practice related to the capital market, banking and finance are as follows:
    a. Project financing
    b. Obligation settlement
    c. Financial restructuring
    d. Collateral charges for assets
    e. Issuance of bonds and debt securities
    f. Complex financing structure
    g. Corporate financing and equity
  2. Employment and Executive
    What we do to our clients regarding employment and executives is as followsa. Manpower licensing arrangements
    b. Preparation of company regulations
    c. Providing advice related to labor issues
    d. Assistance in structuring compensation and benefits for the executive level
  3. Technology, Media, Telecommunication
    Magnaar law firm helps various start-up clients, digital-based services, e-commerce, financial technology / fintech to ensure smooth business operations while remaining in compliance with legal requirements
  4. Infrastructure, Construction, Commercial Real Estate
    What we do is
    a. Preparation of operational / development cooperation agreements
    b. Preparation of transaction documents for financing, asset utilization, sales and acquisitions
    c. Arrangement of development project transaction structure
  5. Energy, Mining, Natural Resources, and Renewable Energy
    Magnaar law firm has assisted clients in project development and financing, one of which is a hydropower project, as well as providing legal advice for the entire mining project cycle.

With the times, our work area will probably continue to grow. You can follow the Magnaar website and our social media. We always update the futures about the latest information. Our work area covers all of Indonesia. Our office is located in South Jakarta. The eyes are not strange if Magnaar law firm services are commonly referred to as law firms in Jakarta Indonesia. To order the services of the Magnaar law firm, please contact us directly via Contact Us. thank you