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Law Firm HAKI Jakarta

Welcome to the official website of Magnaar Law Firm. On this occasion, the admin wants to discuss about the Law Firm HAKI Jakarta. Lately, we have seen more and more people copying other people’s work. This tends to harm the creator of the copyright. Therefore, we will discuss in this article

What is Intellectual

Law Firm HAKI Jakarta. Property Rights or commonly referred to as Intellectual Property Rights? is a right that is obtained from the results of human thought to be able to produce a product, service, or process that is useful to society. So it can be concluded that intellectual property rights are the right to enjoy economically the results of an intellectual creativity. Objects that are regulated in intellectual property are works produced by human intellectual abilities.

The term HAKI is from the obtained Intellectual Property Right (IPR) which has been regulated in Law Number 7 of 1994 concerning the ratification of the WTO.

Functions and Objectives of Intellectual Property Rights The

following are the main functions and objectives of the creation of Intellectual Property Rights, among others:

  • As legal protection for creators owned by individuals or groups for their efforts in making copyrighted works with economic value contained therein.
  • Anticipating and also preventing violation of the intellectual property rights of others.
  • Increase competition, especially in terms of the commercialization of intellectual property. Because the existence of HAKI will encourage creators to continue to work and innovate, and can get appreciation from the community.
  • It can be taken into consideration in determining research strategies, industries in Indonesia

Scope of Intellectual Property Rights

Protection of copyright has two different scopes, the following is the full explanation:

  • Economic

Rights that have a direct relationship and impact on the company’s economy, such as procurement rights , distribution rights, broadcasting rights, performance rights, and also public borrowing rights.

  • Copyright

Rights are rights that refer directly to the subject of their creation, such as computer programs, books, photography, databases, and others.

Legal Basis Regarding Intellectual Property Rights

The legal basis for Intellectual Property Rights is quite broad, here are some of them:

  • Law No. 19/2002 was replaced by Law No. 28/2014 Regarding Copyright.

Contains copyright, creators, copyright protection, and also protected works.

  • Law Number 4 of 2001 concerning Patents.

Contains inventors and patent holders.

  • Law Number 15 of 2001 concerning Marks

Contains about marks, trademarks, service marks, collective marks, and the period of protection of the mark.

  • Law Number 31 of 2000 concerning Industrial Design.

Contains about industrial designs, and the period of protection.

  • Law Number 32 of 20000 concerning Layout Design of Integrated Circuits.

Contains about layout design, and also integrated circuits.

  • Law Number 30 of 2000 concerning Trade Secrets

contains trade secrets, the scope of trade secrets, and also the protection of trade secrets.

The principle of intellectual property

rights has four principles that have been applied since the beginning, namely:

  • Economic principles

Intellectual property rights have economic benefits and values ​​that can provide benefits to copyright owners.

  • The Cultural Principles of

Intellectual Property Rights increase the development of culture both from science and other aspects and increase the standard of living for the community.

  • The principle of Justice

IPR has the power to use the rights to his copyrighted works, and cannot be used without the permission of the copyright owner.

  • The Social Principles of

Intellectual Property Rights are a unity made by considering the balance between the interests of individuals and the wider community.

Types of Rights

Broadly speaking, Intellectual Property Rights are divided into two types, namely Copyrights and Industrial Property Rights. The following are more detailed details:


Copyrights are given specifically to the creators and they have the exclusive right to be able to publish or reproduce their creations. The copyright in question is within the scope of the fields of science, art, and literature.

Industrial Property Rights Industrial

property rights are rights that protect a company from various kinds of plagiarism and can also regulate everything in an industrial environment. Here are the types of protection

  • Patents

Patents are exclusive rights granted to people or groups who have successfully solved certain problems with a technology. 

  • Brand A

brand is a sign in the form of an image and a name consisting of words, letters and numbers intended to be a differentiator in the trading activities of products or services.

  • Industrial Design Industrial

design is a processed work regarding the shape, color composition and lines that give an impression on the goods. 

  • Layout Design of Integrated

Circuits An integrated circuit is a finished or semi-finished product in which there are many integrated forming elements so as to produce electronic functions.

  • Trade Trade

Secretssecrets are information rights related to technology or business and have economic value but are not necessary known by the public.

  • Geographical Indication The

right to protect a product or service that shows the area of ​​origin of the goods or services. 

Symbols Related to Intellectual Property Rights

Currently, to be able to identify works that have registered IPR, symbols have been created on certain products which are used to make it easier for the public to know the IPR of a product. Here are the symbols and their explanations:

  • Trade Mark (TM)

The TM symbol means that the product or brand is in the process of applying for ownership. 

  • Service Mark (SM)

    The SM symbol is used to mark certain sounds, such as unique voices in a film.

  • Registered Mark (R)

    The R symbol indicates the product has been legally registered with its Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Copyright ©

    The symbol C means copyright ownership. So if you want to do publication, it is necessary to include the copyright owner.

After knowing in full about IPR. So next if you are a high-ranking company, you can consider several things that need to be done. You can check whether your product/work is plagiarized?. Have you registered your property rights? It can be a brand, your work, or something else. If you are confused about this, you can submit it to an expert at the law firm haki Jakarta. Our suggestion, which already has a big name, is Magnaar Law Firm. 

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