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Welcome to the official Magnaar website. Services of Law firm in Indonesia. If you are currently looking for firm law services on the internet, there are many law firm services in Indonesia. Many of the companies that offer their services are for profit only and still leave other jobs. This is why we are here in the midst of this difficult problem.


Professional law firm services are only dealing with legal issues related to corporate and corporate law cases. If the law firm’s service company is already good, they will not take small cases, for example, are divorce cases, etc.

law firm in indonesia

Magnaar is a law firm in Indonesia. We grew up until now because of our diligence and professionalism in every action we take to help resolve cases faced by our clients.


Magnaar is a best law firm services in Indonesia that specializes in firm law such as regulations related to capital markets, foreign investment, general corporate issues, labor, environment, and financial and security issues.


We are not saying we are the best law firm in Indonesia, but we have already resolved many cases in the jurisdiction of Indonesia. Our team is professional in tracing every case to what action should be taken. And of course our target is what we do to be able to properly resolve cases related to legal regulations faced by our clients and win in the face of cases being litigated.

Best Law Firm in Indonesia

We are committed to giving attention, focus, and full dedication in serving our clients. So that is what makes us get the title from our client the best law firm in Indonesia.


There is no case that cannot be resolved. All there must be a way out. We will engage our legal consultants at various levels to perform specific jobs taking full account of their expertise, seniority and professional fees.


The Indonesian government through President Joko Widodo opens great opportunities for large and small investors both from outside Indonesia and within the country who want to invest in Indonesia. In this case the factory construction in Indonesia. Of course, for the construction of factories in Indonesia, there are many things that need to be prepared. Starting from company licensing, regulations and reviews of the environment, employment, etc., it becomes difficult for those who do not know the flow. That’s why Magnaar is here for investors in Indonesia to handle this matter.


You can contact Magnaar to consult with us. What steps should be taken, the rules that apply in Indonesia and how to handle them. We will provide a great solution for you. So that what is the goal of your big goal of investing in Indonesia can be achieved.


Magnaar Law Firm Services do not automatically become the biggest law firm in Indonesia without handling major cases in the jurisdiction of Indonesia. Because of how often we handle big cases in Indonesia, what we have done is able to make us the biggest law firm in Indonesia.


We are well versed in regulatory issues related to capital markets, foreign investment, general corporate matters, employment, the environment, as well as financial and security issues. Our company has represented and assisted clients in arranging large-scale land acquisition and project development, construction service contracts, acquisition of assets and shares, restructuring of client investments in various companies, and negotiating with lenders.


We serve clients that range from private to institutional investors, including private equity and venture capitalists, lenders, shareholders and corporate leaders. If you are one of what we have mentioned above. And you feel there are obstacles to deal with the things above ?. We open a wide range of consultations for all of you. We are waiting for your consultation via the contact us link.


What you need to reconsider is that Magnaar has a solid team and has a myriad of achievements that we have achieved with our team. There have been many projects related to firm law that we have completed well. So that the investors we assist can work in peace. If you are both a local and a foreign investor, you can reconsider choosing the right law firm services for you.

The reason why you should choose Magnaar law firm services ?  You can find out how strong we are in handling law firms in Indonesia by looking at our portfolio. We understand that integrity is not to be played with, but we will uphold it so that your company position is safe.

    We are an independent Indonesian Law Firm
    Our company brings a wealth of experience in complex transactions, including cross-border financing, corporate restructuring, and domestic transactions involving international parties
    We are committed to giving attention, focus, and full dedication in serving our clients.


Don’t risk your integrity to set up a company in Indonesia while you don’t know the regulations / rules that apply in Indonesian territory. There are many things that need to be prepared before you start a company in Indonesia. Company permits, labor, environment, etc. that need to be prepared. In order for your investment in Indonesia to be calm and comfortable, you need to have a partner in matters of the legality of your company. Magnaar is present in your midst. We have a great team to take care of it all. Professionalism in our work is the key to being as successful as it is now. So what are you waiting for?. We are waiting for you to contact us to get a great solution to your company’s problems.

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