Law Firm Office jakarta

Law Firm Office Jakarta

Welcome to Magnaar Law Firm. Are you currently confused about finding a law firm office in Jakarta? Closest to where you live in Jakarta but who have a good portfolio, are professional, and have experience completing legal projects from small-scale companies to national-class companies.

Is that you?. Here the admin discusses in full who can give it all to you. Law firm service company in Jakarta, Indonesia with the best reputation in Jakarta. If you search on search engines, you will find several sites whose contents are the same. However, here we will reveal the true location of the best law firm in Jakarta.

One of the best law firms in Jakarta, Indonesia is Magnaar law firm. Magnaar has completed many corporate law projects. Both from small scale to national scale companies. If you still don’t believe me, let’s meet we will provide our portfolio. We will give you the full address of the Magnaar law firm office. And beforehand you can make an appointment with the professional team of Magnaar law firm who will later provide a lot of advice to help solve problems in your company.

Alright, here are our addresses and contacts. You can contact us during business hours.
Satrio Tower 6th Floor, Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Blok C-4, Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi, South Jakarta 12950, ​​Indonesia

+62 21 2205 7582

[email protected]

Best Law Firm in Jakarta

It’s not free. Magnaar law firm becomes the best law firm in Jakarta. We can learn many lessons from our experience. What is clear is that our team of experts is always careful, thorough and will dig up a lot of information from the companies we are dealing with to be a bright spot for solving problems in a company. We choose a team that also has high standards. Professionalism and intelligence of a person into consideration in recruiting a new team. This will make the job easier.

The principle in our work is not only as long as the problems we face are solved. However, we are also working to think about the aspects that will also arise from some of the problems faced by the client company. Therefore we will continue to provide the best advice to all our clients. So that what all of us are trying to do works out well without leaving any other homework. And we can work according to our respective paths to strengthen the economy of our country.