Law Firm SCBD Jakarta

Law Firm SCBD Jakarta

Welcome to the law firm SCBD Jakarta. Who doesn’t know SCBD Jakarta?. SCBD Jakarta is an icon of the well-known city of Jakarta. SCBD (Sudirman Central Business District) is a business center in Jakarta, an integrated business district, CBD Indonesia, an office building in the heart of Jakarta consisting of condominiums, office buildings, hotels, as well as shopping and entertainment centers. Many companies are growing in this region.

The Jakarta SCBD area is located in the South Jakarta area. Where this region is the center of the economy in the region. Here also appear various large companies. So if you want to set up your business here you need legal legality for your business. So that you are calm in carrying out your business in the future.

Recently, the Indonesian government has ratified Government Regulation Number 7 of 2021 (“PP UMKM”) as a follow-up to the Employment Creation Law which changes the arrangements relating to the convenience, protection and empowerment of UMKM in the country. One of them is changing the criteria that form the basis for the establishment or registration of business activities, as well as the convenience, protection and empowerment of UMKM. If you are still confused about resolving the legality of your business, you can also contact the Jakarta law firm to resolve the legality of your company.

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Law Firm Jakarta Selatan

Law firm Jakarta Selatan office. Magnaar law firm has an office in South Jakarta. You can see our office address on Google map, please type it in Google with the keyword Magnaar, our full address will appear there.

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