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Azarine’s inspirational story was published in the article Hukumonline Nexgen Lawyers 2022 entitled “Mematahkan Bias Terhadap Wanita dalam Profesi Lawyer”. This theme was chosen to illustrate that women also have the same opportunities in all kinds of professions, this time Azarine is discussing women’s opportunities as lawyers.


“It’s not about proving that women are better, it’s about changing the view of the career fields we’re in, that women have the same opportunities in legal professions,” says Azarine. When she graduated from law school, her first  work experience made Azarine realize that she had entered a field of work where the it was dominated by men and it was not easy to pursue a legal profession career for women. She found it difficult to gain professional respect from colleagues, friends and other legal practitioners. However, this did not discourage Azarine to fight against work bias in legal professions because the legal world is very interesting and intellectually challenging for her.


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