[BEST] Law Firm Jakarta - Law Firm Service in Indonesia

[BEST] Law Firm Jakarta – Law Firm Service in Indonesia

Welcome to the law firm MAGNAAR. [BEST] Law Firm Jakarta – Law Firm Service in Indonesia. If you don’t know about MAGNAAR, let me explain a little about us. We are a law firm service for companies or corporations that deal with the legality of companies in the territory of Indonesia. 

Magnaar is a Law Firm in South Jakarta, Indonesia. What can MAGNAAR do for you? We can do anything that other law firms cannot do. We are well versed in regulatory issues related to the capital market, foreign investment, general corporate matters, employment, environment, as well as financial and security issues. 

MAGNAAR Law Firm Services has represented and assisted clients in arranging large scale land acquisition and project development, construction service contracts, asset and share acquisitions, restructuring clients’ investments in various companies, and negotiating with lenders. Etc. For more details, you can understand the business areas we handle, such as the following:

  1. Capital Markets, Banking, and Finance

Magnaar can do various things that clients need regarding legal legality for related companies. The areas of practice related to Capital markets, banking and finance that we usually do are as follows:

  • Project financing
  • Liability settlement
  • Financial restructuring
  • Imposition of guarantees on assets
  • Issuance of bonds and debentures
  • Complex financing structures
  • Corporate and equity financing


2. Employment and Executives

What we do with our clients is related Employment and executives are as follows

  • Management of employment permits
  • Preparation of company regulations
  • Providing advice on employment issues
  • Assistance in compiling compensation and benefits structures for executive level


3. Technology, Media, Telecommunications

Magnaar law firm assists various start-up clients, digital-based services, e-commerce , financial technology / fintech to ensure smooth business operations to remain obedient to the laws


4. of Infrastructure, Construction, Real Estate Commercial

What we do is

  • preparation of joint operation agreement / development
  • Peny preparation of transaction documents for financing, asset utilization, sales, and acquisitions
  • Preparation of transaction structures for

5. Energy, Mining, Natural Resources, and Renewable Energy

projects Magnaar law firm has assisted clients in project development and financing, one of which is hydroelectric projects, as well as providing legal advice for the entire mining project cycle.

If we describe it in this article it will be very long. In essence, for those of you foreign and domestic investors who want to set up a company and need assistance to take care of the legality of the company from zero until the company has complete legality (companies in any field) can contact us below.

Contact the Best Law Firm Jakarta team – Law Firm Service in Indonesia at the following address or you can also contact us directly below.


Satrio Menara 6 th Floor,

Jalan Prof Dr Satrio Blok C-4,

Kuningan Timur, Setiabudi,

South Jakarta 12950, ​​Indonesia


+62 21 2205 7582


[email protected]


Best Law Firm in Indonesia

MAGNAAR is Best Law Firm in Indonesia has helped resolve the legality of a companies in the jurisdiction of the state of Indonesia with a satisfactory settlement. Both company owners for Indonesians and company owners from foreign countries. That’s why MAGNAAR is the best law firm in Indonesia.

MAGNAAR is not that easy to become the best law firm in Indonesia. There are so many obstacles and obstacles in every process we do. But with determination, passion, experience and competent people behind us. So that all problems related to law in our client company can be resolved properly.

Law Firm South Jakarta

Law firm South Jakarta. If you are currently in the South Jakarta area, we may meet for coffee together to discuss issues in your company. Legal issues are indeed difficult to do if they are not handled by experienced and competent people. That’s why leave it to us as experts in the field of law firms in Indonesia, so that you are calm to move forward in the future.

Not only in the Jakarta area, MAGNAAR also serves our consumer companies throughout Indonesia. To more easily contact us, you can contact MAGNAAR at our contact above. We will provide the best service for you and your company.