Practice Areas & Industries


Corporate Commercial

Our corporate commercial practice covers a wide spectrum of general legal corporate issues, such as direct investment, joint ventures, corporate governance, restructuring & reorganization, merger & acquisition, compliances, and business transactions.

Our service includes:

  • due diligence; and
  • private equity and venture capital investments.

Capital Market, Banking, and Finance

We are conversant with the legal issues and regulations relating to capital market, banking, and finance. We have been involved in various bonds and notes issuances, complex financing structure, project finance, corporate and equity financing, securitization of assets, and financial restructuring and settlements.

Employment and Executive

We advised clients on employment and executive benefits issues. We have prepared company regulation, applying work permits, advising labor rights and executive compensation and benefits on behalf of our clients.

TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom)

We understand technology and challenges of its fast-paced development that creates complexities with the law. We advised various start-ups, digital based services, e-commerce, and financial technology/fintech clients to ensure seamless operation while complying with the law.

Infrastructure, Construction, and Commercial Real Estate

We assist foreign and state-owned enterprise clients in structuring commercial real estate projects in Indonesia. We have extensive experience in negotiating and drafting joint operation agreements, structuring project development, financing, asset utilization, sales, and acquisition.

Energy, Mining, Natural Resources, and Renewables

We assist client in developing and financing hydropower plant project. We also have been advising client on the entire life cycle of a mining projects, from early stage, exploration, developments, commercial contracts, and construction.

Our expertise covers:

  • coal and general mining;
  • oil & gas; and
  • hydro power plant.

Litigation & Private Client Services (Selective Basis)

Commercial Litigation

Our firm handles arbitration and alternative dispute resolution matters, contract enforcement, civil trials, and employment disputes on a selective basis.

Private Client Services

We provide limited private client services relating to pre-nuptials and separation of asset arrangements, and family law, and estate.

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