What We Do


We embrace challenges and trained our lawyers to push creativity boundaries in analyzing complex legal issues. While our approach in identifying legal risks is rigorous and thorough, we balance it by reasonably considering our client’s commercial interest. Our advisory service is built around our firm’s commitment to offer solid and sound strategies which would instill confidence to our client’s decisions.

The scope of our legal advisory services includes legal analysis, assessment, advisory, opinions, and solutions, structuring investment, assets, business and transactions, legal risk identification and analysis, due diligence, and formulating strategies.


Our work products are meticulously prepared and focused on the relevant issues at stake. We carefully listen to our client and transparent in communicating the entire work process, from negotiation stage, legal drafting, and up until execution.

The scope of our drafting services includes drafting and preparing commercial legal work products (contracts, legal briefs, documents), negotiation, and execution.


On a selective basis, we represent clients in civil cases, arbitration, and alternative dispute resolution. Not only that we defend our client against claims, but also line the client’s own claims and asserting rights as provided by law. Nonetheless, we can also assist client in settlement efforts to avoid prolonged and costly legal actions.

Practice Areas & Industries