Top 30 Firms in Indonesia – Magnaar Law Firm

Top 30 Firm in Indonesia - Magnaar Law Firm

Top 30 Firm in Indonesia – Magnaar Law Firm

Becoming a top 30 law firm in Indonesia is a hard struggle with no boundaries. Being the best doesn’t mean winning the quantity of lawyers recruited or the number of cases that come in. However, the number of cases that were handled well, no new case work would appear in the future.

Choosing the services of a law firm through the list below is very high risk for you. Why do we say we need to be careful? Because the problems or cases that are being experienced by your company will soon find a bright spot and you as a company official will be able to breathe more easily.

We collected from several sources on the internet to collect the 30 best law firm services in Indonesia. Although most law firm services are in the city of Jakarta. Please understand that when we publish this article, the capital city of Indonesia is still in the city of Jakarta.

And below is the latest update of the top 30 firms in Indonesia, hopefully it will be useful for you. Our ranking is based on the number of cases handled with the best results this year.

Top 30 Law Firms in Indonesia

The following is a list of the latest top 30 firms in Indonesia today.

Assegaf Hamzah & Partners

Founded in 2001
Location in Jakarta

This Assegaf Hamzah & Partners law firm has:

Has 2 main offices, namely in the cities of Jakarta and Surabaya

HHP Law Firm

Founded in 1989
Location in Jakarta
This law firm company HHP Law Firm has:
2 Foreign Legal Consultants
14 Partners

Magnaar Law Firm

Magnaar law firm is a leading law firm that currently focuses on handling various cases in the corporate field. Before turning into Magnaar his previous names were Ramadian and Satari. Due to a change in the identity of the shareholders, Ramadian and Satari were eventually changed to a new name, namely Magnaar.


Magnaar’s current focus is on the following areas

  • Commercial Corporation
  • Capital Market, Banking and Finance
  • Employment and Executive
  • TMT (Technology, Media, Telecommunications)
  • Infrastructure, Construction and Commercial Real Estate
  • Energy, Mining, Natural Resources, and Renewable Energy

Magnaar Law firm’s address is in the city of Jakarta. So it’s not surprising that many call it a Jakarta law firm as well.
The full details about Magnaar law firm are as follows.

Satrio Tower 6th Floor,
Jalan Prof. Dr. Satrio Block C-4,
East Brass, Setiabudi,
South Jakarta 12950, ​​Indonesia
+62 21 2205 7582
[email protected]


Established in 1985
Location in Jakarta


Established in 1990
Location in Jakarta


Established in 1967
Location in Jakarta


Established in 1992
Location in Jakarta

Makarim & Taira S.

Established in 1980
Location in Jakarta


Established in 1994
Location in Jakarta

Hermawan Juniarto

Established in 2005
Location in Jakarta

Soemadipradja & Taher

Established in 1991
Location in Jakarta

Roosdiono & Partners

Established in 1999
Location in Jakarta

Nurjadin Sumono Mulyadi & Partners

Established in 2006
Location in Jakarta

SIP Law Firm

Established in 2012
Location in Jakarta

Ginting & Reksodiputro

Founded in –
Location in Jakarta


Established in 2017
Location in Jakarta


Established in 2010
Location in Jakarta


Established in 1996
Location in Jakarta

Makes & Partners

Established in 1993
Location in Jakarta


Established in 2007
Location in Jakarta


Established in 2001
Location in Jakarta


Established in 2003
Location in Jakarta

Hendra Soenardi

Founded in –
Location in Jakarta

Guido Hidayanto & Partners

Established in 2016
Location in Jakarta

Nah’r Murdono

Established in 2009
Location in Jakarta


Established in 1986
Location in Jakarta

Walalangi & Partners

Established in 2017
Location in Jakarta

Widyawan & Partners

Founded in –
Location in Jakarta

Siregar Setiawan Manalu

Established in 2015
Location in Jakarta


Established in 2015
Location in Badung, Bali

The above are the top 30 law firms in Indonesia that are currently on the rise. With so many cases that have been well resolved by the above law firm services, now the list of law firms is quite a flood of orders that need to be resolved as soon as possible.

In the list of top law firms, most of the law firm offices are located in the city of Jakarta. Given the number of companies standing in the capital at this time. And this list of top law firms in Indonesia is subject to change at any time depending on how each company maintains their rankings to do the best for all of their clients.

If you need legal assistance for cases in your company, don’t hesitate to contact us Law Firm Jakarta. We will always be ready to provide the best service for you

all our clients all over Indonesia. We are experienced in corporate law matters.

Magnaar law firm is experienced in handling various cases in large companies. We dare to defend our clients in the face of the case at hand.

It’s not just courage that we are proud of, but we have a team of experts in every field that the authors have mentioned above. So that the legal steps taken by our clients together with Magnaar law firm will definitely meet with legal certainty and win. We must be optimistic and believe in the current situation.

Jakarta law firm opens an opportunity for those of you who want to consult first by contacting Magnaar law firm through the contact we have provided. For more details, if you want to meet in person, you can make an appointment with us via telephone contact or email that the author has included in the explanation above.

Our team is very careful in resolving cases faced by Magnaar law firm clients. By considering the pluses and minuses, we always choose the path that has the best and greatest impact and the least negative impact on your company. In general, what we do will not leave a negative impact on your company anymore.

Thus the article on the top 30 firms in Indonesia may be useful for those of you who may be currently in need of legal assistance for a company being managed which is currently in a legal case. Don’t worry, our team of reliable lawyers from the Magnaar law firm is here for you. Get ready to be released from the shackles of the case you are facing by hiring the services of a law firm from Magnaar law firm. Top 30 Firm in Indonesia- Magnaar Law Firm