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Firma Hukum Ramadian and Satari officially changed its name to Firma Hukum MAGNAAR, effective from 1 Januaryt 2020. The change of name was made following the resignation of our former partner Jaka Dibya Ananta Satari, and the addition of Rifo Islamoriza as our new partner. Sahid Ramadian is seated as our managing partner.

 MAGNAAR stems from an old Norwegian word “Magnar” which means “strength” and the letter “A” added is an adaptation from the Dutch spelling. MAGNAAR has an emerald green color that reflects balance and strength. MAGNAAR has a logo that is two golden shields, adopted from the letter “M” that reflect strength and protection. Our name and logo reflect strong commitment and strength to advocate our clients, while being mindful of the client’s business needs and interests. We believe that our legal experiences and skills are essential elements in providing services to clients.


You can see further details regarding our name change and rebranding here. <Attaching Magnaar Public Announcement>